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Bandwidth, Budget, & Blossoming

Updated: May 16, 2023

We always talk about why it’s important to set goals and even discuss some strategies on how to create SMART goals. What is often missed is a discussion about what needs to be considered to actually help us accomplish those goals.

A conversation with one of my clients this week gave me some insight into three things to pay attention to if we are going to maximize our chances of actually achieving those big beautiful goals we set for ourselves. Bandwidth, Budget and Blossoming need to be a part of the process of goal setting, ESPECIALLY if you are new to business or are trying something new.


How can you achieve your goals if you don’t have the energy, time, and capacity to do so? This is where it’s important to be realistic with yourself.

Do you have the time and energy to commit to doing what is required to create the results you want to create?

Think about your life right now..where would you fit in the time to do something new?

Don’t set yourself up with a giant to-do list and no time, energy, or space in your life to focus on execution. Instead, consider your bandwidth and all the other activities that are vying for your attention to make sure you can take action on those goals.

Sometimes that might mean dropping some of those non-essential activities and commitments that are sucking energy and time and helping you create the results we want to see.


Often times your goals will require support from other professionals to properly execute them. This is just the truth. Even if you choose to try and DIY, you are paying with time, energy, and the frustration of a learning curve. As a matter of fact, there are some situations where you just don’t have the expertise to deliver and will need to invest in order to get results.

Are you prepared for that?

Start now setting aside monies so that you can invest in the proper supports that will accelerate your business growth. I could talk for an hour straight about the benefits of delegating, building teams, and staying in your zone of genius.

This is especially true if this is a new business venture or a brand new project for you. There are guaranteed to be unknowns that will arise. Having resources available can help you navigate them smoothly.

Ask Yourself…would you travel somewhere new without money in your pocket to cover contingencies?…NOPE! So don’t set out on this business journey without having a few coins stacked for the unknown expenses you may incur.


This last part of being prepared for growing to a new level is something we don’t talk about much…but it matters so so much.


A big part of the journey of entrepreneurship is your personal growth. This is a step you won’t be able to skip or outsource. This growth is required and it is your work and yours alone.

Let’s call this “Blossoming”

Ask yourself…

Do you feel you have the confidence you are going to need to play a bigger game?

Have you already addressed the imposter syndrome that has some folks doubting their expertise and abilities?

Have you learned how to tune out your inner critic so you don’t let self-doubt slow you down when it’s time to take action?

Mindset matters more than you know. Even if you have good ideas and a solid strategy, a lack of confidence and belief in yourself will stop you from fully showing up.

Consider what you need to fully blossom into the mental health entrepreneur you can be. The potential to do great work may be there, but it takes time for all of your capabilities to unfurl.

This is where having a coach that is experienced in working with mental health professionals helps. If you think any of these three B’s are a concern for you let’s set up a quick chat. I would love to help you navigate this journey of entrepreneurship

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