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On-demand coaching at your fingertips...

Self Study Courses dedicated to supporting mental health entrepreneurs in growing personally and professionally.  Enroll and get immediate access to practice-building tips that are brand savvy and focused on your personal development. 

Branding 101

A comprehensive course designed to equip mental health practitioners with the essential knowledge and skills to build a strong, authentic, and compassionate brand identity that connects with their target audience and fosters trust and credibility.

Becoming Brand Confident

Becoming Brand Confident is a 5 video course with a companion workbook that empowers mental health entrepreneurs to communicate their values, establish their expertise and create a Unique Niche that will allow them to build satisfying and meaningful businesses.

Strong Brand Identity

This training not only covers the top five reasons why therapists shy away from niching and the impact it has on business growth.  This covers the creation of a Unique Niche but goes further to outline key steps to branding and marketing  with a focus on building viable creative business offers in the field of mental health.



Right at your fingertips!

Unlock a wealth of on-demand mental health resources at your fingertips, designed to empower and support mental health professionals in their practice and personal growth.


Practice Pros Planning Guide 

A Planning Guide for Setting Inspiring Goals for your Private Practice introduces a transformative approach to goal-setting, turning mundane tasks into a vibrant journey of growth and success, empowering practitioners to create dynamic and motivating goals for a thriving and fulfilling practice.


Pro Insurance Practice Building

The complete guide to a profitable pro-insurance private practice offers a step-by-step approach to navigating insurance companies, covering essential elements like establishing credentialing, setting up business accounts, and streamlining day-to-day operations, providing valuable insights and trackers for a successful venture


Ready for actionable resources?

Becoming Burnout Proof

Becoming Burnout Proof for Therapists in Private Practice is a transformative course that offers a clear step-by-step strategy for taking good care of yourself WHILE growing a thriving practice.   

Counselor Kryptonite

An opportunity to be self-reflective about your money mindset and the limiting beliefs you carry will be transformative for your business.  This approach addresses common money issues that arise for practice owners and provides tools to create a more empowering relationship with the green!!

Five Social Works Skills in Business

Unlock your potential as a social worker in the business world with this class, exploring 5 essential social work skills applicable in a business setting to provide you with a competitive edge and enable your success in entrepreneurship or within a business environment

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