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Give Yourself Permission to Bloom

What's inside....

Imposter syndrome has become a well recognized way for us to communicate a very simple yet common experience amongst us: no matter how much education, experience, or expertise we have...we are still vulnerable. Our confidence is one of the biggest tools we need as mental health professionals to dream bigger and become more influential in our field - yet many of us struggle with feeling confident when it's time to stand out. If this sounds like you, you're in the right place. 

This workbook was designed to empower you and help you embrace the vision of the mental health business you've been dreaming of —one that allows you and your dream clients to thrive holistically.

Through thought-provoking prompts and reflective exercises, this is your first step to gaining clarity around what's holding you back and what has held your confidence hostage. 

Take some time out for you and grab a pen - I'd love to help guide you through a few key questions that should remind you of your passion, ignite your purpose, and help you overcome barriers that have prevented you from feeling as ready as you truly are. 


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