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Your Personal Life and
Your Private Practice 

I help mental health professionals create private practices that bring them satisfaction and position them to be experts in the field. Are you ready to build a business that you love?



If you can't help but acknowledge that you're called to do more in the mental health industry....

What's Holding You Back?

If you've been hesitant about showing up bigger, I invite you to explore what's keeping you from embracing your next level and having the confidence to emerge into your full identity as a trailblazer. This guide will help you clear the blocks preventing you from taking that powerful next step.

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As a mental health entrepreneur, you have to make space for YOU in your private practice.

We take on this idea of what it really means to be a "professional", but we end up creating a false narrative of what it takes to be successful as a mental health entrepreneur. 

Poor self-care and poor boundaries coupled with no niche, no brand, and a lack of clear systems in place equal a private practice you will grow to hate!

You have to make room for your Saturday Self in your Monday Morning if you are going to build a business that reflects who you really are, attracts clients you love working with, and honors the best of what you have to offer to the field. 

It takes clarity and confidence to really show up in business...but to do that, you have to be around other people that are also walking in their truth and doing work in a way that honors the best of what they have to offer. 

Just imagine having the clarity and confidence to leverage your expertise and multiply your income...

There are bigger possibilities beyond the couch. Close your eyes and imagine...

Quitting the agency you hate to open your own private practice.

Building a business to do things you’ve been dreaming about.

A lucrative and balanced business that gives you free time and satisfaction.

Which one sounds most like you?

The Newbie Mental Health Pro

  • You want to discover your unique niche, and confidently work with clients that you enjoy.

  • The answer to a successful practice won’t be in a textbook. You desire to learn from someone with lived experiences, instead of spinning your wheels with uncertainty.

  • You are tired of the school of logistic hard knocks. You need more than clinical advice, but the guidance to build infrastructure your business needs to flow well.

  • You know exactly what kind of practice your community needs, and are ready to build it.

The Maxed Out Expert

  • Getting clients isn’t a problem. You’ve hit your limit with them, and want to leverage your skills beyond the couch.

  • You’re too booked so there’s no space for you in your own business. Your motivation takes a dip because you’re overwhelmed and not in alignment with your calling.

  • You refuse to reinvent the wheel and want a cheat sheet to scale your private practice to freedom.

  • You want to flow in alignment with your lifestyle, expertise, and niche. You want to craft a next step that's a perfect fit.

If you’re ready to show up and do the work, we'll stick with you until we find the answers.

Meet The Woman Behind Movement 

Samara Stone

Think of me as a big sister to your private practice. I'm committed to helping you gain the clarity and confidence you need to own your niche and develop a customized strategy to build a business you love. 


As a coach, I ensure that you have the step-by-step infrastructure you need to have a profitable business that positions you as an expert in the field.


My 20 years of experience as a mental health entrepreneur gives me a unique and intuitive insight into the opportunities that will be best for your growth now and for years to come.


Here's how you can get started with your  Perfected Practice:


Our signature 90 Day program dedicated to blooming mental health professionals in the first steps of starting their private practice.


Enroll in our mini-courses that detail how to make the most of your mental health career. Find your uniqueness, become brand confident and gain clarity towards your private practice.


For private practice owners who need support on one segment of their business, and want to get results in 90 days or less. Gain the next step to building your practice.

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