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Why I Accept Insurance

​There is no shortage of complaints when it comes to working with insurance companies. The low reimbursement rates that never seem to go up, the extra paperwork, and the lovely drama of insurance denials….these are all of the things that, understandably, keep many behavioral health professionals running for the hills!

But have you ever thought about the reasons why you SHOULD take insurance?

There are so many issues that point to building a successful cash pay practice being the hassle free way to go. But, then I remember the people that are attached to every insurance ID number. I think of the families that are covered by those group policies.

What would those people do if there were no practitioners willing to accept their insurance plans? How would the mental health needs of so many be met in a system that demands cash only?

Without practices like The Stone Foundation, there would be so many families who couldn’t afford care.

I have been in this business a long time. Over the past decade, I’ve established a creative system that works for my practice, my clinicians and my clients. It’s not without its flaws…but it has been perfected for the function it serves.

Maneuvering in the world of insurance isn’t always easy, but just because something is hard…well, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Dealing with insurance companies has required me to learn a whole new skill set…to think from a different perspective.

I have learned to not allow fear, overwhelm or confusion stop me from finding creative solutions.

At the end of the day, I believe our practices should be as diverse as the communities we live in. I value being an available resource for people that need us. I hear the gratitude that clients express when we say we accept their insurance…and that motivates me to keep searching for solutions that will work for all of us. Being a part of this health care system provides a greater vantage point towards improving it.

Who can possibly know what the future holds for healthcare? But for now, offering quality care, covered by insurance is what works for me. It fits what I value. It is a reflection of my commitment to community and accessibility.

You have the power to choose what will work well for you. Your practice, your way. You can build a practice that makes money AND makes a difference.

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