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What is CAQH?

CAQHOk… a few times recently, I have heard questions about CAQH.

Don’t feel bad if these letters are completely foreign to you. You are not alone. Even people that have CAQH profiles may not know what it is or how it is used.

Here is a quick and dirty summary of what it is and how CAQH is there to make your life easier.

What do those letters stand for?

CAQH or the Council for Affordable Quality Health Care

What does CAQH do? CAQH is a non-profit FREE online platform committed to streamlining the business of healthcare. They are the first step in the credentialing process with many insurance companies and serve a central place for health care providers of all kinds to organize their information throughout the application process.

How do I get started with CAQH?

The process is so simple and in recent years it has become even simpler. At one point, you had to first inquire with an insurance company to be invited to complete a CAQH profile. Today, you can go direct by visiting to get started. Instead of submitting multiple applications to different carriers…submit one and then invite various insurance companies to view your information for processing.

CAQH will even send you quarterly reminders (via your preferred method of communication) to review and update your information so that you never have to worry about contacting each insurance company individually.

So…if you are ready to get started with insurance companies, grab your resume, your license information and liability insurance and let’s get started.

Follow all of the directions on the website and if you get stuck on anything, feel free to call their customer support. They are actually pretty nice people.

As for those questions…keep em coming! Feel free to email me with a question you have, I would love to answer.

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