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The Implementation Gap

Why does it happen?

We start out armed with great ideas, good intention and a thirst for gathering up all the information we need to get something done.

But… once we set out to actually implement. Well, that’s where things sometimes start to fall apart.

I know you’ve had it happen to you. Making big plans for a home improvement project, rushing to Home Depot to buy supplies and get the DIY guide but then eventually putting all of those supplies in the basement…because we “just don’t have the time”.

Well, the same thing happens when it comes to building your private practice.


I don’t believe this has anything to do with being good enough or not having the right information. Quite frankly, I think implementation issues are equal opportunity across the board for us all. It happens to everyone at some point in life.

The big question is… Why?

Why is it that when we want to do something and have even figured out how, we still don’t manage to get it done. See, there is a big jump between information and implementation and it is filled with full time jobs, child care, health challenges, marital problems…

The implementation gap is filled with all the stuff of life.

So here are 5 common implementation traps and what you can do to avoid them…

  1. Lack of Clarity–The clearer the road ahead, the easier it is to get started. You have to be able to see the goal ahead to feel motivated to move towards it. Be sure to maintain the perspective of why you are doing what you are doing. Ask yourself…How does what’s on my to do list today factor into the bigger picture of what I am trying to accomplish? Connect the small things to the big things and moving forward just makes sense.

  2. Good Information–Once you know why you are doing something…you need solid well vetted information on how to get it done. It is easy to lose momentum if you feel like you are spinning your wheels with unnecessary tasks. This is why it is so useful to get real world intel from folks that have already done what you are trying to do. Save yourself the trial and error that will burn out your gears and cut to the chase. Do the research and due diligence ahead of time so that once you start putting things in motion you know you doing the things that matter most and will give you the biggest return on investment for your time and effort.

  3. Mindset–This might sound cliche…but you really have to believe in yourself. You have to really be convinced in your mind that you can accomplish what you are setting out to do. Approaching big goals takes confidence. Without confidence it is hard to jump into action. So if there is a part of you that is doubting whether or not you can do it, pull out your track record of the times you can accomplished big goals in the past. Remind yourself that you are fully capable of making it happen.

  4. Being a Lone Ranger–When we function in the world without accountability, we will inevitably let ourselves off the hook. The solution is simple. Find a like minded friend and help one another stay on track by touching base regularly to provide progress updates on your big goals. Notice I said a like minded friend. As entrepreneurs we have to protect our confidence, so be sure to share your goals and plans with people that believe in you and what you are looking to do. Choose people that are brave themselves, so that fear and “I can’t” don’t keep coming up in your conversations. No Debbie Downers or Negative Nellies…choose positive, brave and compassionate people to accompany you on the journey of getting big stuff done.

  5. A time lasso-Let’s just keep going with this Lone Ranger theme. You are going to need a lasso to take control of your time. Truth be told, we all get the same amount of time each day. But some people have got so good with wrangling in their time it seems like they have squeezed out an extra few hours. If you feel like time is slipping through your fingers, here are a few blogs from the archives to help you master the time lasso.

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