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The Bland Brand

Have you ever seen a Psychology Today profile that felt like this?

Or maybe read an About Page that left you not really knowing anything “about” the person?

Too many private practices suffer from a lack of clarity and confidence when it comes to connecting with their ideal client. I have seen this happen for so many different reasons.

They feel the need to lead with credentials…not realizing that what really draws clients in to working with us just feeling that that they can trust us to help them solve their problems.

They feel the need to be “professional”…when what people want is some that has expertise and credibility, but is also human and relatable.

They feel the need to cast a super wide net so they don’t limit any potential clients from coming their way…but when you have 50 areas of expertise you really don’t have any. When you are trying to connect with everybody, you end up not really connecting with anyone.

All of the situations above lead to what I call “The Bland Brand” a distant, unengaging professional persona that prioritizes credentials over connection. The Bland Brand is one where we have diluted our unique niche, by flooding it with every possible area of focus out there.

If this resonates with you, I want you to know it’s not your fault.

We have not been taught much of anything in the area of business…and we certainly have not learned anything about marketing or branding.

Most of us aren’t really even clear on the difference between the two.

If that’s you, I have something special I want to share.

Click here for “What Private Practice Owners Need to Know About Branding”. Check it out and share with a friend that you think could benefit from this too!

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