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Surviving the Summer Slump

I have a secret I want to tell you.

It’s about the month of July….

Even though the weather can be nice and children are enjoying summer…

July can be pretty difficult for someone just starting out in private practice. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the case…but I have observed this pattern enough over the last ten years to comfortably state this one thing about July.

July may be one of your worse months when it comes to new client appointments in your practice. You might even see the slump in your overall numbers for the month as existing clients reschedule their appointments around vacation time.

The hard truth is that July can be one of the two times of the year that new practices suffer the most.

Ok…now that we have got that on the table, what are we going to do about it?

1. First and foremost…Information is power. I truly believe that awareness alone can the an important part of managing the summer slump. Just knowing that you may experience a slowing for new clients or a decrease in your volume is enough to help you manage your expectations. I have been talking to the clients I coach about this so they can feel prepared. I feel so bad watching a new practice owner wonder what they are doing wrong…when what really is happening is a natural ebb and flow in the business of private practice.

2. Take this time to put your marketing strategy in high gear, so you can be ready when the new wave of clients come through. This might mean:

  • freshen up the content on your website

  • writing a few blog articles

  • attending networking events

  • making sure you are listed properly on directories

  • think through your work flow for client care

3. Lastly and probably most importantly…keep in mind that the best way to grow your business is to grow your self. Focus on Personal and Professional Development. Think of this as time to sharpen the saw. Maybe there are a few CEUs that might help you improve your clinical skill or maybe a book or blog you have been meaning to read that will give you a fresh perspective or insight on running your business. Now is the time to invest in developing yourself so that you are continually improving and progressing.

So…here is a little insider insight. Just be aware. If this trend begins to happen in your practice, don’t become discouraged. It just means, now is the perfect time to prepare for the future growth of your practice.

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