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Perspectives on Growth

Recently, I got confirmation that I can move forward with doing something in my group practice, that I have wanted for such a long time. It revitalized a vision for what’s possible that has been dormant for years. So grateful to finally watch this long held vision start to sprout and grow. It will being a fresh level of impact in the work we do.

It has me thinking about timing and balance in the way we approaching growing our businesses. When it comes to business growth and leadership everyone has a natural skill set to draw upon. We have a tendency to focus heavily on either creative ideas, strategic thinking or go hard implementation. For me, I have always had a of ideas and a willingness to implement. What about you? What part of the growth cycle seems to come natural to you?

Thing is, we really need all of these for our businesses to thrive. If out of balance, any one of these can be problematic. Ideas without implementation takes the business nowhere, but implementation without strategy can take the business someplace you don’t want to go.

Ask yourself where you need balance? Do you need to spend time in reflection to create a new vision for what’s next? Stay in business long enough and the opportunity to do that will inevitably come. Looking back, I have recreated aspects of my business several times as we continue to grow. It’s a part of what has me so excited about the changes that are coming now. I have seen first hand how this growth process works.

Maybe you have a clear picture in your head of what you want for your business, but don’t know how to make it happen. There are so many resources on strategies, tactics and approaches that are effective. Maybe now is the time to research how to make your ideas become reality by learning from folks that have been there.

Or maybe you have ideas and a vague sense of what to do but are trying to find the time and confidence to go for it. A lot of people find themselves in that spot on the entrepreneurial journey. Confidence is a tricky one. Not taking action can subtly send the message to yourself that you “can’t” do it. The best way to prove to yourself that you can do it is to take the first step.

Implementation is where the magic happens. It’s where we test our ideas and strategies. It’s where the boat meets the water to see if it’s seaworthy. Not everything will work the first time out. The maiden voyage of your new ideas might reveal some adjustments that need to be made. But stay with it…it’s worth it. Everything you experience as you are growing your business is feedback for how you can improve and progress.

If even things don’t go as planned, you have the opportunity to start the process again with fresh ideas as you refine your efforts and iterate your way to awesome. Just keep growing. Be unstoppable.

If you need a bit more perspective on what that looks like, stop by our Facebook Group, The Entrepreneur’s Tribe. We are growing community of entrepreneurs supporting each other while our businesses grow.

See you in there!

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