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Kill The Frivolous…Upgrade Your Downtime


You know what it means…”not important; not deserving serious attention or just plain silly”. Everybody has a little frivolous in their lives, and for good reason. How else will you spend your free time? A bit of frivolous is like the spice that makes life nice.

But, I have a little news for you.

If you want to achieve something big…grow a business or write a book…if you want to do something great…You are going to have to Kill The Frivolous.

That’s right…kill the frivolous…especially in the way you spend your down time.

Too much frivolous free time can dull the sharp and positive edge that you need to be your best. Frivolous Free Time can stand in the way of accomplishing great goals. We just can’t have that!

So are you spending all of your free time feeding the frivolous or are you using your free time wisely? Here’s a quick way to examine whether you are SPENDING time or INVESTING time.

Spending time is doing something that does not add any value to your life. It doesn’t help you develop as a person, learn anything about life or advance the goals you have set for yourself.

Spending time looks like complaining in a way that won’t help you solve problems or gossiping about people. Anything that does not help you be a better person or contribute positively to the life of someone else is what I call a “time spend”.

Now investing time…This is the stuff we do during our downtime that helps us upgrade our lives. Your family, your home, your business, your health, your relationships. You get the picture. These are the activities that take care of what you value.

You can even make entertainment choices that inspire you, stretch your thinking or get you to explore something new and different. That’s how surfing the net, going to the movies and watching television can become a time investment.

If you are being with the people that matter to you, being creative or genuinely enjoying life….that is an investment. Whenever you are learning or growing or taking good care of yourself…you are investing.

So start thinking about how you are spending your free time. Is it being invested in ways that will build you up or are you spending it with no gain in sight?

Live life like you mean it.

Upgrade your Downtime…personal growth is the secret weapon to success.

If you want to make big strides on accomplishing what is most important in your life, master the art of Killing the Frivolous. You will amaze yourself with what you are able to do.

Let’s Grow!!

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