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How to Beat the Business Blues

Being in business sometimes hurts…I just have to give it to you straight!

There is not one person I know that has approached entrepreneurship and not being challenged both personally and professionally.

It is a whole new world, a beautiful and challenging wild ride.

One where you are encountering so many things that you have never seen, never touched and never fully been responsible for.

Sometimes the challenge can be so great that it can trick you into believing that you are just not cut out for all of this.

I have been there.

Right there in that moment when you are feeling overwhelmed and confused is where having support makes all the difference.

In my journey, I have found that the best support comes from three sources.

  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS The support of family and friends that build your confidence and surround you with love and compassion…people to remind you why started this in the first place and that you absolutely can do it.

  • COMMUNITY Being with a community of people that are also on entrepreneurial journey that can understand and relate. Whether these are other mental health professionals, others in private practice, or just people building businesses. It is important to find a tribe and connect. We need community to normalize the challenges we are facing and to make sense of what we are going through.

  • MENTORS The right mentor can absolutely accelerate your business. Someone that ends the internal guessing game on what to do and when to do it by offering a proven approach to accomplishing your goals. A mentor that has been where you are trying to go and can serve as a light post to help you navigate the road ahead.

The funny thing is…when we are just starting out in business, investing in mentoring programs or coaching is the very last thing we think to do. I remember early in my business always feeling like I just didn’t have money to invest in coaching. When in reality…we sometimes lose money and waste time by not investing.

A few weeks ago at a training I facilitated, I ran into a social worker that I had met back in 2014. At that time she was considering private practice but was really on the fence about coaching with me. While we were catching up, she shared that she got mixed up with a bad referral partner and is now having some ethical / legal challenges as a result.

About six months ago, I got am email from a lady that had suddenly closed her practice. I remember talking to her about some clear strategies for growth… but she felt like it wasn’t the right time.

You don’t have to coach with me. There are tons of people out there both in our field and out that have services and programs that can make a huge difference in your business.

I just know that the work we do is too important to let the Business Blues get the best of you. I could be a bit biased, but I know that our work impacts people and communities in real and tangle ways.

We don’t turn widgets…we change lives.

The truth is…that is the real reason I do what I do. I know that when your practice thrives, you benefit, your clients benefit, your community benefits…our whole field does.

If you are feeling stuck right now…wanting to build a practice, but now sure where to start or overwhelmed with how to make the practice you have already launched work…just give me a call.

You don’t have to try to figure all of this out on your own.

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