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Highs and Lows in Private Practice

I remember having a conversation with my father about the goals I was really striving to accomplish in my business. I was all in a stir about how great everything would be and also outlining in great detail the horrors that would await if things didn’t work out.

He said something to me that I have now found through my own experience to be 100% true.

“Stay in business long enough and you will find that the highs are not that high and the lows are not that low”. In the moment he said it, I knew it was wisdom, but I could not totally relate to the truth of the statement. Until now. At this point, I have had moments of accomplishing big goals and realized that it can be oddly anti-climatic.

Can you remember a time when you were so excited about something great that was just on the verge of happening? When we were kids, it was the night before a trip to an amusement park or the week before our birthday party. As adults, it might be the first day at a new job we have been so excited about or the moments before we accomplish some goal we have set for ourselves.

Or what about the opposite…something that you are dreading happening and has you worried sleepless for weeks. The anxious anticipation of whatever bad news that you know is coming can leave you feeling paralyzed and on edge.

There is a commonality with these two extremes. Neither is what we have imagined. The highs are not really that high and the lows are never really that low. It is always worse or better in our imagination than in the moment. Our experience of life is more intense in reflection or in anticipation.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know what to expect. I want you to know that the very thing you are most afraid of will not be the end of you. When we are new to being in private practice or any business for that matter…it can feel so vulnerable and overwhelming.

The sense is that one misstep or bad choice can bring everything to a screeching halt. I want you to know that it is rarely that dramatic. Typically, the very things you worry about will never happen…seriously, they never happen. And even if by some stroke of lightning your worst imaginings came true, you would handle it much better than you think. We never truly know how strong and resilient we are until we find ourselves in a situation where strength and resilience is required.

As for those highs…strive to accomplish your goals but do yourself the favor of enjoying all of what being in business has to offer right now. Don’t delay celebrating yourself or your accomplishments, saving it all up for some future big moment.

The moments that count the most are the ones that are happening right here, right now. Those moments when you are growing through striving to accomplish your goals, when you are learning more about yourself and about being in business. The moments when you are touching lives and making a difference to the clients you serve.

Take it all in, cherish living in the now. Now really is the sweet spot, were all the magical moments are happening. Don’t miss it.

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