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From Disappointment to Doubt


Things not working out the way you had hoped or expected.

Sometimes it’s a situation…

The proposal was denied.

The client you wanted to work with that never called back.

Sometimes it’s a person…

The friend we were counting on.

The consultant that didn’t do their part.

Either way…things just did not work out the way you planned. In those moments it is normal to feel disappointed. Disappointment can be a healthy emotion. It makes total sense as the feeling to accompany a disappointing situation.

But sometimes the mind can make a jump…from disappointment to doubt.

Disappointment lives in the past and focuses on what did not go well…but Doubt…Doubt takes disappointment and places it in the future. Doubt says “why try when I will only be disappointed again”.

Doubt assigns a reason for your disappointment and makes it something unchangeable.

Doubt speaks to your abilities, your strengths and the strengths and abilities of those around you. Keep in mind that you are always growing. Situations are always dynamic and changing. New opportunities always lie ahead.

It may not have worked out before, but that has nothing to do with the future. Learn from what occurred. Create a strategy for what you can do differently.

Don’t let the disappointments in the past become the doubts of the future.

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