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Find the Passion Behind your Private Practice

What motivates you to achieve?

Do you know what is really behind your desire to build a practice?

It’s important to get clear on your “big why” as you are moving along your practice building journey. You need to connect with the passion that drives you to want to do this work in the first place.

See…when you are striving to accomplish a big goal you will quickly find that…

“If what you are building is not your passion, it becomes a chore and eventually chores are neglected.”

Your desire to build a practice has to come from a clean and genuine place if you are really going to commit to do all of what it takes to build a successful and fulfilling business. You have to love it.

Business building is a full contact sport. It will challenge you in ways you cannot even imagine. Without commitment and a real love for what you are doing, what will keep you from giving up when you feel overwhelmed, confused or just plain tired? No matter what, every one of us will experience these difficult moments. Only passion can make you unstoppable. Small or fickle sources of motivation can only take you so far. Let’s delve deeper into three increasingly powerful ways to nurture your passion:

1. Being a Checkmark Chaser

The thrill of accomplishment feels great! Trust me, I know. I am a certified Checkmark Chaser, and this kind of focus has its purpose but what happens after the dust settles or when you come up against a huge seemingly insurmountable challenge.

With this approach, you will eventually run out of steam or give up altogether if the task at hand is too hard. Just knocking out a to do list is not enough if it is not connected to your Big WHY. If those check marks don’t accumulate towards a larger goal, you will eventually feel like all this activity is pointless.

Instead, choose goals that resonate with what is truly meaningful for you. Pace yourself and get support for really big things. Then allow yourself to really experience the sense of fulfillment that you need to keep yourself going, no matter what.

2. Pushing for Approval

What really motivates you to accomplish? It is a desire to prove to others that you can do it? Is it to somehow feel like you are good enough or to prove your competence? By now we all know that striving for the approval of others is pointless. But did you know that there is even an emptiness in striving for your own approval.

I have come to learn that no matter what you accomplish, there will always be room for growth and improvement. There is no achievement nirvana…it is an ever moving target. Once you achieve one goal, you will automatically begin seeking new horizons.

The key is to define success for yourself. To continually set goals and celebrate yourself as you accomplish them. The real satisfaction comes from committing to a path of personal growth and professional contribution. Adopt the pattern of focusing on who you are becoming and the lives you are changing.

3. Deep Dive Honesty

If you are not already connected to your passion, you might be wondering how to discover your Big WHY. Let’s start with a little Deep Dive Honesty. This kind of honesty is beyond the level of just truthfully stating what is on your mind. This honesty requires self reflection so that you can tune in to what is in your heart.

– Examine what you value and the pivotal moments that have shaped who you are.

– Recall your reason for coming to this field in the first place

– Get clear about who you are here to heal.

– Embrace your story and use it to share your unique perspective and talents with the clients you are perfectly suited to work with.

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