Branding Before Marketing... Here's Why

Ahhh… a full practice! Imagine that… the phone is pleasantly ringing with ideal clients wanting to work with you. You are in demand and your colleagues refer to you often.You are even being invited to consult on other projects outside your private practice. This is what most private practice owners want.

But the path to getting there is where a lot of mental health professionals struggle.

When your practice isn’t thriving, what should you do?? Seems like the next logical step is to turn your attention to marketing..working with Psychology Today, local referral sources and of course doctors offices to create a steady stream in incoming clients.

Sounds logical, right?

Over the years in mentoring people that are building private practices…I have found there is a huge missing piece that can make or break even the best of marketing efforts.

That missing piece is Branding!

Oddly enough, most folks never think about branding and if they do…it’s smooshed together with marketing as if the two are exactly the same thing. Others think of branding as the logo, colors and business cards that a designer creates in a vacuum. Yes, logos and websites are a part of branding, but these things are more the end result than the sum total of the work.

This gap in our thinking is why many mental health professionals struggle to create effective marketing strategies for their businesses.


Branding is actually the thought process that goes into how you are going to represent yourself in your business. It’s where you get crystal clear on what makes you unique and the reason why you want to do this work, so you can communicate with clarity and confidence when you are out there marketing your practice.

Branding is where you do the inner work of being intentional about what you want people to know and understand about you and the work you do.


Before you start feeling overwhelmed and stressed…thinking you have to find this elusive brand. I want you to relax and know…YOU already have a brand.

Your brand is how you show up in the world right now. It’s who you already are…who your clients and colleagues already know you to be. The work of branding is just the intentional process of turning up the volume of who you are and the work you do so that it allows you to connect with your ideal clients. It’s guiding you in selecting colors, fonts and images that truly express who you are so people can identify easily what you do.


Once you have done the work of getting clear about your brand and making key choices on how you want to show up professionally, it gets so much easier to get better results from your marketing efforts. When done properly, branding allows you to clearly and confidently communicate to your ideal clients and referral sources in layers. Everything from what they see, what you say and how they experience you is consistent and builds the trust that is so central to drawing in the clients you need to fill your practice.

Visibility doesn’t help you if your message isn’t clear. The first step to a practice full of your ideal clients is the behind the scenes work of branding.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to get the clarity and confidence you need to connect with your ideal clients, visit today to get started on developing a message you will be proud to shout from the rooftops.

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