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Are You comfortable with Being Seen Thank you, J. California Cooper

This week in 2014, a writer that so influenced my perspective on life passed away.

Have you ever read a book or attended a seminar and felt that in that instant your life was transformed?

Sometimes, the insight shared by others is enough to spark in us a new perspective that is life changing.

As a young woman in college, I was introduced to J. California Cooper. Her short stories and novels literally transformed the way I saw people, relationships and the world.

J. California Cooper was able to weave together tales of real human relationships and life experiences with humor, wit, passion and wisdom. After reading the first set of short stories, I followed her career…reading EVERYTHING she ever wrote. Her stories were like a warm and comfortable visit with an aunt…always like home.

So when I learned that she had passed, I really felt the loss and then immediately felt so grateful for the experience of having been impacted by her work.

Just imagine if she had felt uncomfortable sharing her work…or if she wasn’t willing to do what it takes to become published.

Being Seen

How many of us have the ability to have great impact on the lives of others, but don’t put ourselves out there? Being visible is a part of sharing your gifts. Becoming comfortable with exposing yourself to potential criticism is a part of the process. Brene’ Brown, a fellow social worker, does a great job of describing that here.

Doing the Work

I respect the work that it takes to really create something that has the ability to impact others. Not only must you be willing to be seen, you have to be dedicated to your craft. In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about what it takes to push past “Resistance” and commit yourself to the routine and effort required to produce a creative work.

There are people waiting to learn from you, clients waiting to work with you, young minds waiting to be transformed by your wisdom and insight.

Thank you to every writer, speaker, teacher willing to share of themselves. I am forever changed by the interactions we have had and I am committing myself to doing my part to pay it forward.

Enlighten…Featured Books

From here forward, look for the Enlighten section in my weekly newsletter. There I will feature a “Book of the Month”. It will be something that has had big impact on my perspective.

Whether personal growth, professional development, leadership, marketing or just plain intriguing fun…these books will be ones that have touched and shaped me in some way.

I invite you to join the conversation by sharing a book that has impacted you on our Facebook or LinkedIn page. You never know who will take you up on the suggestion to read something and have a transformational moment too. Let’s keep learning. Let’s Grow!

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