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7/10 The Difference Between Growing and Swelling

10 Tips from 10 Years in Business

#7 The difference between growing and swelling.

Have you ever heard of someone achieving what appears to be overnight success?

The truth is that such people are usually in the background working at building themselves and their business long before you notice their success.

Nurture your roots, then harvest the fruits.

In the beginning when you are still establishing yourself, use your time wisely. Be careful not to get frustrated with the pace of your results. Building a business takes time.

While you are in the growing process…consider the infrastructure that you will need to have in place when your business begins to flourish.

Focus on building systems that reflect the way you would want your business to operate at full capacity.

There is nothing more unfortunate than to witness a business gain a sudden success that it is not ready for. That is the difference between growing and swelling. When you grow, you are preparing yourself for the success you will achieve. When a business swells without proper planning…it has the potential to pop! Too much growth, too fast, without the right infrastructure in place is a recipe for overwhelm.

I remember when we first began working with an EAP program back in 2006, we were so excited to get an influx of new clients from this new referral source. That was until we had to figure out how to build a system to track invoices, documentation and reimbursement that was completely different from our existing system. I remember my beautiful and bright intern working with me to establish as system after the fact.

Not fun…

Allow your business to grow steadily as you are able to manage it. If you and your business are allowed to fully mature at each level, you are better equipped to sustain growth over the long haul.

Prepare for your success by creating systems and infrastructure to support your growth.

No one will see the shortcuts that you take until it is too late to fix them.

Is it time for you to explore your entrepreneurial dreams? If you are ready to take it to the next level…let’s go! From now until February 14th, I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary by offering you a chance to join me in creating your business. Let’s connect and map out a strategy to kickstart your success. Click here to set up your Strategy Session today.

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