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5/10 Be Patient But Persistent

10 Tips for 10 Years in Business

#5 Be patient, but persistent.

Embrace Relaxed Intensity.

That’s the sweet spot in the middle where accomplishing your goals starts to flow. We all naturally tend to lean to one side or the other. Either too relaxed or too intense.

What’s your speed?

Are you someone that waits to long to take action…letting opportunities pass you by?

Or are you like me…all in, 120% committed, full engagement, chomping at the bit in overdrive? Whoa… The truth is neither of those extremes are the best way to accomplish your goals.

Being overly intense and driven sometimes choked the joy out of my accomplishments. I had to learn to relax, be patient…do what I can and let the rest come to me.

The art of being patiently persistent. Notice I said patiently persistent…not just patient. It is possible to go too far with the relaxed and patient side. Sometimes as a personality trait and other times out of fear, we avoid and put off doing the things that really need to be done.

If you are too patient, just sitting back not taking any action, but waiting for the Law of Attraction to bring all opportunities to your doorstep…you might miss out.

Take inspired action first and then wait for the magic to happen. That is the formula to maximize opportunities. So much of being in business is about generating momentum. Forward movement is what makes a business grow. Stay in motion, be persistent. Stick with goals, allow them time to mature and develop…but never give up.

I learned this beautiful nugget from a coach that taught me about using Facebook to build my business. I thought his class would be all technical and how to…but he gave me this formula to approach my work and that was certainly a game changer.

Is it time for you to explore your entrepreneurial dreams? If you are ready to take it to the next level…let’s go! From now until February 14th, I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary by offering you a chance to join me in creating your business. Let’s connect and map out a strategy to kickstart your success. Click here to set up your Strategy Session today.

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