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4/10 Pruning Allows You to Grow Stronger

10 Tips for 10 Years in Business

#4 Pruning makes for stronger growth.

Don’t be afraid to let go. It could be a client, a staff person, a contract, a business partners, a referral source…whatever. There will be times in growing your business, that you will have to let go of something that is not working to make space for something better.

Will it hurt? Yes!

Will you second guess yourself in the process? Yes!!

I have seen how powerful letting go is when it comes to growing. Holding on to what’s not working creates a clog in the flow of the good that is coming in to your life and your business. As long as you let it stay, the good you are waiting for will be delayed.

Be honest with yourself about when it is time to let go. Be brave enough to let go when you know it is time.

In my personal experience, I have always found great rewards on the other side of letting go. Now, I almost get excited when I see it is time for me to release a situation that is no longer good for my business. I know it is just a signal that something great is right around the corner.

For a tree to grow, you sometimes have to prune it. Let’s Grow!!!

Is it time for you to explore your entrepreneurial dreams? If you are ready to take it to the next level…let’s go! From now until February 14th, I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary by offering you a chance to join me in creating your business. Let’s connect and map out a strategy to kickstart your success. Click here to set up your Strategy Session today.

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