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2/10 Trust Your Own Inner Guidance

10 Tips for 10 Years in Business

#2 Trust your own inner guidance.

You ever have that feeling…that something just isn’t right. You know, that little voice that says “don’t do it” or “go for it”. Lots of people train themselves to ignore that voice. Well, in business (and life) you have got to learn to trust it.

That little voice is your intuition or instincts and it’s there to guide you on your path to building a life and business that is perfect for you.

When something doesn’t feel right, that means its not right for YOU. Doesn’t mean it’s not right for anyone else…but it is not right for YOU. You are the expert on YOU.

Well meaning and wise people can share their perspective, but at the end of the day…make your own choices. Be clear on your opinion before you entertain the opinions of others. Otherwise, everyone else’s thoughts can drown out your own.

You are living an original life.

Every time I have ignored that voice inside that said something was not a good idea…I have regretted it.

Every time I followed a hunch when something just felt right, I landed on top.

Things always turn out better when I trust my instincts. It took a good friend to point that out to me and she was so very right. Thanks, little buddy.

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