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Let’s keep it going!

Why stop now when things are working so well? Once you have been a part of the Practice Pros Family, we want to continue to support you month after month!

We Thrive Together

In 2013, from the beginning of Perfected Practice, it was clear to me that therapists thrive in community. 


The support of the collective makes it easier to create the momentum to help our businesses grow.  Whether it is the accountability to focus on what's most important or the confidence to implement your biggest boldest ideas, having a sense of support from the community makes all the difference.  

Especially for those at the beginning of their journey.  Growing your new practice with others that are alongside you at the same pace in their journey offers a special sense of belonging that is hard to duplicate elsewhere.  I know that dynamic is part of what helps my newbies get to the 5K a month mark in 6 months or less!  For many years we even offered the continuation option, because folks recgonized that this container was so useful for their continued growth.   



When you are in the midst of growing a business, you aren't able to see things clearly

That's where we come in. To help you recharge your batteries when you feel discouraged, gather the perspective and insight that will help you grow your business and the accountability to take inspired action in ways that will help you move to the next level. You don't have to figure out what to do all by yourself. We can be there for you every step of the way. Growth, fresh ideas, new goals, and positive momentum, provide limitless options.


There is power in community!


You will get to ask questions live in the class and gain valuable feedback for your business from your sister circle. A motivating, supportive, and inspiring sister circle of like-minded women entrepreneurs.

Join The Rising Tide, a special invite, exclusive community for those alumni of the Practice Pros Program and folks that have already been private coaching or branding clients with us.

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Keep Growing, Keep Taking Inspired Action

Let's keep the Momentum Going in our Alumni Community with everything in the Practice Pros Coaching Program, including:


It doesn’t matter when you were a Practice Pro, you will get access to the new content that has been created for our 2023 rebrand.  if it's 10 days from now or 10 years. The educational content in this program will be useful in every step of your journey. Keep growing your business by getting refreshers on the basics ( infrastructure, branding and systems for you to keep your day to day operations smooth) 


Want support for the questions and roadblocks you are facing? Join our LIVE coaching calls each week on Wednesdays at 12 noon EST for support, insight, and the perspective you need in your business journey. Still show up even if you don't have a specific question Side-door coaching sometimes yields the best insights, even for things you hadn't thought to ask!


The support doesn’t end on our calls! Log in anytime, day or night to connect with the rest of the like-minded mental health professionals in our secure and private space. Chat, share, and engage from anywhere.  You can even send private messages as a part of the benefits of Practice Mastery


I don’t plan on sitting on my high horse 24/7. I’ll make room for experts to join us for monthly, industry-leader interviews. Their expertise ranges from marketing to mindset and will help position your business for success.  Have a specific topic you think we could benefit from...just ask and I will find the expert!

We’ve coached 100+ professionals in the creation of their private practices.

Melissa Watson Clark

My brand started out as a nebulous, grainy picture in my head and evolved into a concrete product that is a jumping off place for ever other decision I have to make for my practice.   She said this process would help me eliminate things that don't fit more easily and that was right on the mark.

Iyamide House

I understand on a deeper and functional level how branding works. The most important thing is how to make sure YOU are front and center in your brand; Your vision, your personality, your mission, in a way that markets you to your
ideal client.

Janine Canaday

I was hesitant to go into private practice because I felt that it was going to be too much to handle. After the training, I felt more confident in my ability to follow through with it. It will be a little while before I can get it going because I still have my LG, but I am looking forward to entering into the private practice world! Again thank you so much for such an inspiring training!


Can't forget the bonuses...


We’ll not only tell you what needs to happen, but give you resources to thrive. Gain access to key systems, tools and services you’ll use daily to run your practice smoothly.


Meet other cohorts outside of the virtual meeting room! Connect with your fellow Practice Pro alum in-person at Samara's home in Towson, Maryland.  This exclusive brunch is will be hosted on September 16,  2023 this year!


Get in direct access to vendors that can support you on your journey. From designers to human resource professionals, we’ll equip you with a select number of some of our favorite business and life experts.


Get access to individualized support with a chance to book Samara one-on-one at exclusive rates. This is your chance to dig deeper into the work we’ll work on, and have an intimate space to connect with your coach.

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Your Personal Life 
and Your Private Practice

Enroll in our mini-courses with topics ranging from niching, branding, and money mindset.  These self-led courses help you gain clarity on the best next step to take toward building your PERFECTED private practice.

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