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AI for your Brand

This training provides an in-depth overview on how mental health professionals can leverage AI tools like Chat GPT to grow their brand. Our guest expert Alyssa Jones is a brand strategist that will give you real resources, tip and tricks on how to utilize the tool like a PRO.

Year End Finances

Get ready for TAX time with our resident finance expert Ashley Boti. Accounting is a crucial part of the success of your business, but most mental health professionals are not well-versed when it comes to how to manage their finances this training will highlight the five things you need to make sure you have in place as we’re closing out this year and give you Key insight into tax planning for next year so they’ll be no surprises when it’s time for you to file.

Visibility Strategies to GROW

Learn real ways that you can enhance your visibility so that you can connect with your target audience with ease. By the end of this class, you'll walk away with practical strategies and tactics that you can implement immediately to start seeing results.

Strong Brand Identity

This training not only covers the top five reasons why therapists shy away from niching and the impact it has on business growth.  This covers the creation of a Unique Niche but goes further to outline key steps to branding and marketing  with a focus on building viable creative business offers in the field of mental health.

Inspired Goals for your First Year

Your first year can be OVERWHELMING. This training is your guide on how to take care of yourself, clients and business so that you have a strong foundation in place so you and your client can FLOURISH.


Ready for actionable resources?

Becoming Burnout Proof

Becoming Burnout Proof for Therapists in Private Practice is a transformative course that offers a clear step-by-step strategy for taking good care of yourself WHILE growing a thriving practice.   

Counselor Kryptonite

An opportunity to be self-reflective about your money mindset and the limiting beliefs you carry will be transformative for your business.  This approach addresses common money issues that arise for practice owners and provides tools to create a more empowering relationship with the green!!

Five Social Works Skills in Business

Unlock your potential as a social worker in the business world with this class, exploring 5 essential social work skills applicable in a business setting to provide you with a competitive edge and enable your success in entrepreneurship or within a business environment

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