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The 6 Month Goal

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How long does it take to achieve a really big goal?

If you set your mind to losing 15 pounds, saving 2500 dollars or traveling to some beautiful place…how long do you expect it to take for you to see results?

What if I told you that you could achieve any goal you set your mind to in a matter of 6 months?
How would that change the way you approach your goals?
Would you be more confident, more certain, more focused?

Well, I recently came across an article from Inc magazine entitled Crush All Your Goals With The Six Month Rule. Being a goal oriented person, I couldn’t resist…(oh the power of a good title) When I first read it, I didn’t know whether to feel inspired or discouraged.

Six months seems like a long time when you are working hard to produce a result.  But then I reflected on the title…6 months to crush ANY goal…even really big ones. Something about the assurance of that was comforting and gave me this sense of focused patience and certainty.  The thought that whatever I set my mind to WILL come to fruition.  Knowing that if I plant the seed and nurture it over time…it will sprout and bear fruit.

I can say without a doubt that I have seen the six month rule be true. There are situations in my business and personal life that have followed this pattern consistently.

I recently moved into a newly renovated and beautiful office space…exactly six months from the day I first saw it.

I watch people in Perfected Practice make huge strides with their businesses during the six months while they are with me.

Even weight loss and home repair goals fall into the 6 month formula.

So what will you put into your six month formula?
How will you approach life while you are in process?

See…undoubtedly there will be moments when it feels like things are terribly off track.  You will run out of ideas and approaches, you will hit an obstacle, you will feel discouraged or overwhelmed. All of that is normal.

The process of growth and expansion can be messy.  There will be trial and error, there will be new and unexpected challenges and you WILL make some mistakes.

No matter what keep moving forward.   Develop a growth perspective, strengthen your resilience and muster the energy to keep going no matter what.  Give yourself a solid six months of focused and consistent effort before you determine whether or not you are making real progress on your goals.

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